Spring Arena 1 kicks off this Friday, April 20, at 6pm ET. With just days to go, we have some news that will be of interest to both players and fans. With just eight players, Spring Arena 1 gives us the opportunity to do some things in new ways. Rather than using our usual format, which was developed to suit large tournaments, we've come up with something different, something that is tailored specifically to fit a very small group.  

Some highlights of the new format:

  • The first stage of the tournament will be a Round Robin in which all players play each other
  • The second stage is a single-elimination bracket
  • The Extended Series rule will not link Round Robin matches to Bracket matches
  • The Bracket will have Best of 5 matches until the Finals, which will be a Best of 7
  • In the Bracket stage, some players will get a choice of opponents

Intrigued? Read the full Competition Format for all the details.

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