Player Name: Super Str8 Sick
Real Name: Cory Sloss
Birth Date: 10/15/1992
Hometown: Upland, CA
Events attended: 11
Favorite Game Type: Narrows TS
Controller Settings: Bumper jumper, 4 sensitivity, no vibration
Other Favorite Competitive Games: Call of Duty, Super Smash Bros.
Hobbies: Working out, dancing, singing, movies
Joined BIC® Flex4™ Elite: MLG Orlando

Throughout the course of the 2010 Season, the BIC® Flex4™ Live FFA Competition is on a quest to discover the best FFA talent at each Pro Circuit event. The top FFA players from each event – the BIC® Flex4™ Elite – will be flown to the 2010 MLG National Championships where they’ll compete on the Main Stage for the FFA crown and $2,500 cash!

After a nail-biting finish at the first BIC® Flex4™ Live FFA in Orlando, Super Str8 Sick emerged as the top FFA player and solidified his place as the first BIC® Flex4™ Elite member. In the Finals, Super Str8 Sick, Plasmaad, EagerSupreme, and Basher battled back and forth for the top spot, but during the final minute, Str8 Sick was able to pull away and seal his victory by a narrow two-kill margin over Plasmaad. Super Str8 Sick will now eagerly await his opponents in anticipation of the BIC® Flex4™ Live FFA Finals at the 2010 National Championships.

Watch the Orlando BIC® Flex4™ Live FFA Finals

Orlando BIC® Flex4™ Live FFA Results

  1. Super Str8 Sick 68-36-56
  2. Plasmaad 66-35-50
  3. Flamehead 61-33-61
  4. Basher 56-29-53
  5. EagerSupreme 56-37-53
  6. Gaijin 54-37-63
  7. Napolean 49-27-64
  8. Final Hunter 46-29-56

For your chance to earn one of the remaining coveted spots as a BIC® Flex4™ Elite member and compete against Super Str8 Sick at the 2010 MLG National Championships, check out the details for the next BIC® Flex4™ Live FFA in Columbus, OH. Can’t make it to Columbus? You can also start your quest in the BIC® Flex4™ Online FFA.

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