Player Name: Aptitude
Real Name: Christopher DeFonzo
Birth Date: 5/26/1992
Hometown: Orange, CT
Events attended: 9
Favorite Game Type: Pit TS
Controller Settings: Default, 3 Sensitivity, No vibration, FPS Kontrol Freeks
Other Favorite Competitive Games: Call of Duty, GoldenEye 007, Mario Kart 64
Hobbies: Hanging out with friends, swimming
Joined BIC® Flex4™ Elite: MLG Columbus

The BIC® Flex4™ Live FFA Competition is on a quest to discover the best FFA talent at each Pro Circuit event of the 2010 Season. The top FFA player from each event — the BIC® Flex4™ Elite — will be flown to the 2010 MLG National Championships, where they’ll compete on the Main Stage for the FFA crown and $2,500 cash!

Under the bright lights of the MLG Main Stage late Saturday evening, eight players battled it out for the chance to compete in the BIC® Flex4™ Live FFA Finals at the 2010 MLG National Championships. One player, Aptitude, prevailed over a loaded field of Amateur FFA talent that included the likes of Chicago Combine FFA Champion Amish Acorns, among others. By emerging victorious, Aptitude claimed the second spot in the BIC® Flex4™ Elite as the FFA champion for MLG Columbus.

Watch the Columbus BIC® Flex4™ Live FFA Finals

Orlando BIC® Flex4™ Live FFA Results

  1. Aptitude 66
  2. Mikwen 64
  3. HuNteR Jjx 60
  4. Amish Acorns 60
  5. T0p ducky 59
  6. Golden Girl 58
  7. Knight 52
  8. Aktion 40

For your chance to earn one of the remaining coveted spots as a BIC® Flex4™ Elite member and compete against Aptitude at the 2010 MLG National Championships, check out the details for the next BIC® Flex4™ Live FFA in Raleigh, NC. Can’t make it to Raleigh? You can also start your quest in the free BIC® Flex4™ Online FFA .

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