Become an Streaming Partner

Because so many people have been asking: How to Become an MLG.TV Streaming Partner


To be clear – the MLG streaming platform isn’t for everyone.  We have no intention of opening it up to the masses. We do however intend to fill a fixed number of spots with established pro players, pro teams and established gaming personalities with substantial followings, as well as feature other eSports competitions.  Why?  Because we believe that premium content producers deserve a premium content distribution platform.

Should you meet the criteria (see below) for becoming a content partner we’ll never ask you to sign an exclusive deal.  If a better deal presents itself you should have the freedom to give it a shot or even to do both.

What can you expect to make?  Most likely more than you make today.  Get in touch and we’ll help you figure it out.

If you are a producer of awesome content who likes long walks on the beach and fireworks AND you meet one of the following criteria, you should apply!

  • Professional Team or Player (Currently ranked top eight in the world) OR
  • Currently Stream on other platforms and average 5,000+ concurrent viewers OR
  • 500,000+ combined Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers, and Youtube Subscribers OR
  • Event Operator with live broadcast capability

To apply and learn more about establishing an MLG streaming partnership email with the following information:

  • Name, Game, Team (if appropriate)
  • Contact Information – email and phone
  • Hours a week you’d like to stream and average stream viewers currently
  • Number of social media followers and subscribers on You Tube
  • Link to sample video or stream

Everything below this is corporate mumbo jumbo, but folks wanted to provide more info to avoid confusion.

Have an awesome day.



Why MLG.TV - The Benefits:


Maximize Your Earning Via Advertising Revenue – We handle the advertising so you don’t have to!

  • MLG has a dedicated, multi-region direct Ad sales team which results in high fill rates.
  • Programmatic Auction House – We offer live bidding for your content to maximize ad revenue.
  • Ad Block Detection
  • Analytics – we’ll provide data to help determine the best times to stream, when to serve ads and more.


Stream Quality and Tech Stability

  • Standard 1080p HD streams.
  • A globally reliable platform built with multiple bandwidth providers
  • MLG tech support 24/7.
  • The best engineers constantly improving the experience for both streamers and viewers – new features will be rolled out regularly.


Promotional Streaming Page Support

  • Promotional support reaching MLG’s global audience of 9 million subscribers and extensive following on social media.
  • Channel branding and design –a dedicated page for your stream promoted via the MLG.TV homepage.
  • Built in twitter chat creates hashtag trending.
  • Integration into MLG’s homepage calendar and inclusion in MLG promotional updates as appropriate.


Merchandising and Sponsorship Opportunities – Expand Your Brand and Increase Your Revenue Stream

  • Create merchandise to be sold via the MLG Pro Shop and earn a percentage.
  • Leverage MLG’s relationship with mainstream media companies like Relativity Media for new programming and partnership opportunities.


YouTube MCN, Global Reach Beyond the MLG Network

  • MLG is an official YouTube MCN.  What does that mean for you?
    • More efficient monetization of content, especially in the United States.
    • Protection and enforcement of your rights to your content.


About MLG.TV:

MLG’s 10+ years of experience in producing and live streaming the world’s most prominent eSports competitions and massive growth in audience led to the creation of MLG.TV - the premier eSports broadcasting network.

MLG is one of the fastest growing digital networks.  In 2013, viewers consumed 54 million hours of MLG video online, a 262% increase over 2012 and a 1557% increase since 2010.  Viewers know to come to MLG.TV for the best in eSports content and that viewership will continue to grow with a thoughtful programming schedule, appointment viewing, a stable, a technologically advanced platform and more.