Str8 Rippin retook their throne as Halo 3’s team to beat with a domineering total victory over the competition at MLG Columbus. They managed to avoid dropping a single series throughout the entire weekend, and culminated their performance with a clearly decisive win over Triggers Down in the Finals. The test of time proven to be no match for Str8 Rippin, and their future looks blindingly bright once again. We pulled up a chair with Snipedown and ElamiteWarrior to find out just what this win meant to them.

MLG: Let’s cut straight to the chase, guys. Simply put – Str8 Rippin absolutely dominated in Columbus. How does it feel to be back on top?

ElamiteWarrior: Good. We never left if you think about it; we just had a lazy off-season.

Snipedown: We really never thought we left, we knew we weren’t ready in Meadowlands. We wanted to prove at this tourney that we were the best, and we feel as though we did.

MLG: What changed between Meadowlands and Columbus?

Snipedown: Our drive to practice and play. We also actually had internet for this tourney and had no schedule conflicts at all.

ElamiteWarrior: We actually had internet and were well prepared for Columbus. We never had time to learn v6 gametypes before Meadowlands.

ElamiteWarrior rallies the crowd after taking down Triggers Down in the MLG Columbus Finals.

MLG: So preparation was the key this time around. What all was involved in that process?

Snipedown: After the Meadowlands event we knew we needed to practice so we played online every night. We also set up three LANs in the first two days after getting back. That’s why other teams had a hard time getting LANs and blamed us. Our practice online helped so much because Tom, Kyle, and Bryan we at the same house, and I was in school but was able to practice for four hours every night.

ElamiteWarrior: We LAN’ed a couple times. We even held a four team invite only LAN. We chose the teams and we didn’t want to LAN with tD. We wanted to show them how much we practiced this time around in Columbus – which we did by the way. Triggers Down was a little upset by it and called me out during their interview. I thought I would return the favor. (laughs) We were well practiced for Columbus.

MLG: Let’s touch on that subject for a moment. SK had some harsh words for you in an interview on Main Stage regarding the LANs. Do you have any response?

ElamiteWarrior: Status Quo and I wanted to LAN each other twice before Columbus. However, due to our schedules, we could only LAN once this tournament. We decided to make it a four team LAN and chose two other teams to come. We didn’t want to LAN against tD because that is who we were practicing to beat – to be number one again. TD was upset by it and thought we were sabotaging them. So that’s were that came from. They were mad that they weren’t invited.

MLG: Well, it seems as though there is no end in sight for the Str8 / TD rivalry. How did it feel to not only beat them in the Finals, but beat them pretty badly?

ElamiteWarrior: It felt amazing to beat them. I was so hungry after gaming all day – that steak dinner hit the spot. No, it was a good game though.

Snipedown: To be honest, it felt like we were playing the MLG playlist online. It just felt good to be on the same page again, and we are bringing that intensity to Dallas.

MLG: Alright so let’s go back to that Narrows Team Slayer against TD in the Finals where you won 50-29. Would you say that game was the strongest you’ve felt all season?

Snipedown: Yeah, and it was definitely the best way to finish.

ElamiteWarrior: We were having fun in that game. They had just given up.

MLG: So what do you guys gather from Instinct’s 5th place performance?

Snipedown: They were probably already thinking about changing teams after they lost to us. Walshy stepped his game up this tournament, and they had all given up around him. They really want that 1st place finish.

ElamiteWarrior: Yeah, I am surprised they switched teams. They got 2nd in Meadowlands.

Str8 Rippin regained the throne as the #1 seeded team, forcing Triggers Down back down into the #2 spot.

MLG: Let’s talk stats for a moment. You guys are undefeated in three gametypes so far in 2009. They are: The Pit CTF, Amplified TS, and Construct TS. Do you consider these your strongest gametypes?

ElamiteWarrior: Actually we don’t think any of those three are our best. I didn’t even know we hadn’t lost those gametypes.

MLG: So then what is your strongest?

Snipedown: Those are three really strong gametypes, but we feel as though TS Pit is our best now. After we lost to BtH we made that our #1 focus.

MLG: What did you all do directly after Columbus?

Snipedown: After Columbus we all split up our separate ways. I hung out with all my friends and celebrated the tournament win and graduation. Elamite came to Florida, Tsquared had to move his stuff from Syracuse, and Bryan went back to the Str8 house.

MLG: We also heard that you all just finished the first ever Str8 Camp. Tell everyone how it went and what it’s all about.

Snipedown: First off, Str8 Camp was great. Str8 Camp was a chance for four people of any age to come and get better at Halo, hang out at the house, and get hands on training. We offered the spots on Tom’s website and they were taken instantly. The 4 people who came were all big MLG and Str8 fans and the camp was an amazing success. I’m going to blog about it and have a whole write up soon because it was so much fun.

ElamiteWarrior: Yeah, it was definitely a lot of fun.

MLG: Snipedown – Up to this point in your career, you’ve always received the most recognition for your sniping, but your BR in Columbus has generated a lot of buzz. Has your BR improved recently?

Snipedown: My BR has definitely gotten better. I think it’s from all of the Octagon practice. (laughs) I actually thought it was better than my sniping at this tournament. I’m hoping that next time in Dallas they are both on fire.

MLG: So what’s the plan for Str8 heading into Dallas, and will you guys be spending the summer together at the Str8 house?

ElamiteWarrior: Yeah, we will all be down here for most of the summer just hanging out and practicing.

Snipedown: We are already playing, but we really don’t want to get Halo’d-out too soon.

ElamiteWarrior: Hopefully we don’t get lazy and keep up the practice for Dallas. We have a pretty bad habit.

Snipedown: I have orientation for college in a couple of weeks and I’ll be staying home for a while, but after about three weeks I’ll head back. I just want to be back at home for my senior summer.

Tsquared and company will attempt to be the only team to ever win back-to-back events in Halo 3 history with a win in Dallas.

MLG: Is there anything you’d like to say to the fans that didn’t lose faith in Str8 Rippin after Meadowlands?

Snipedown: We’re back!

ElamiteWarrior: Yeah, to the real fans: you guys are the best. Some people know more about my halo history than I do. They bring up things I can hardly remember I even did. Those are the fans I like talking to.

MLG: So… Str8 Rippin takes home Dallas?

ElamiteWarrior: I would say the chances are good!

Snipedown: We really want a repeat, and since we lost Dallas last year we are looking to change the record books.

MLG: Well guys, that wraps it up! Congratulations once again, and best of luck in Dallas.