How important is the double shot now compared to last season? Do you need to use it in 4v4 to keep improving and advancing over rivals or do you still focus on improving your strategy?

Karma: I believe that the double-shot is definitely something that you need to know. It’s for clutch situations. Even if somebody is running away, you need to be able to do the double-shot just to make sure you can finish that one kill. Or even if someone’s shooting at you, just maybe put a double in them and back up, you know what I’m saying?

But you definitely need to do both. You need to do the double shot, and focus on your strategy. You can’t just do either of them. If you don’t do the double shot at all, you’re not going to reach the top level of play. Even if you do perfect the double-shot, you need to have strategy to run 4v4s and you need to have chemistry.

You don’t ever want to double-shot just because you want to double-shot, it’s just for key moments. If you’re in a straight line with the guy, and you’re up two shots, it’s unnecessary.

Now that MLG has removed the 1v1 competition and has shortened it to a Championship FFA, do you feel like you can maintain your throne?

Karma: Honestly, last year, I only won like two Free-For-Alls. I just kept maintaining the 1v1 skill. Like in Chicago I had the sixth seed. I’m not even worried about winning the FFA. I’d like to be dominating the 1v1s, but Free-For-All is something I don’t take as much pride in. I’m going to try to do my best [in FFA], and hopefully I can win. But I’m going to consider my “throne” to be Playoffs and Nationals, where there actually is a 1v1.

Even though you won the last 3 events in ’06, FB still seems to be the favorite- how does this affect your mentality?

Karma: You don’t even know. In Vegas, all we heard when we were playing, because we couldn’t hear each other, we couldn’t hear the game, we couldn’t hear our coach, all we heard was FINAL BOSS! WHOA!!!. It bugs us a lot that just because they hand out shirts and everything, they seem to be the favorite.

Obviously there’s nothing we can do about it. But, you know, at least we do have the respect, because we did prove ourselves, it’s just, I don’t feel like we need to hand out foam fingers, which I want to do because foam fingers are so sick! I’ll hand out some foam fingers, get you guys all hyped up, wearing your Carbon shirts. And if I see some people in the crowd with their shirts off and their chest painted, you’re going to get kissed!

Do girls run away when you tell them you play Halo for a living?

Karma: Honestly, you guys, all you have to do is say “What up girl? Here’s what’s going on, I’m the best in the world!” You don’t even have to be the best in the world, just be like “I’m the best in the world! 80 thousand a year girl!”

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