Nada is coming. Bomber and Trickster and CoCa are coming. DongRaeGu, Rain and Choya are coming back. Naniwa and Huk are in the same Pool. Ret has been playing so well lately he might literally be on fire. Idra is in a Pool without any Protoss and, if the universe is benevolent, he might well meet up with Trickster later on in the Championship Bracket.  InControl and Machine are in different Pools. Could StarCraft 2 at MLG Raleigh be any more insane? The answer is yes. Yes it can.

Tasteless and Artosis are coming back.

This pair truly needs no introduction, but if you're new to StarCraft 2 and haven't yet experienced the pleasure of staying up late to watch the GSL, here's some background so you know why everyone is so excited. Nick Plott (Tasteless) and Dan Stemkoski (Artosis) will be casting the Main Stage matches on the Red Stream this time around, so you'll want to get to the venue early to make sure you get a seat. But you would have done that anyway.

Joining the Casting Archon will be the inimitable Sean Plott (Day[9]), whose talent and expertise have blessed the Pro Circuit since D.C. 2010, and Mike Lamond (Husky), who will be returning after a fantastic performance in Anaheim. Day[9] and Husky will be taking a turn on the Blue stream at this Event. And as always, MLG's own JP McDaniel (ItmeJP) will be hosting and providing Main Stage interviews. Unfortunately, Marcus Graham (DJ Wheat) has a previous committment and can't attend this time, but we look forward to having him back soon.

MLG Columbus raised the bar for competitive gaming in the US, and MLG Anaheim jolted it up to an even higher level. After MLG Raleigh, we're going to need a whole new bar. Join us.

If you want a shot at competing with the world's best, there are still some Competitor Passes left. If not, get yourself a Venue Spectator Pass and join the community in bearing witness to the next chapter in StarCraft 2 history.