Apology to the StarCraft Community

How We Will Improve


Dear StarCraft Fans:

I want to personally apologize to you on behalf of all of us at MLG for the mistakes we made with the WCS America Qualifier this weekend.

As many of you know, we have been working on a fast timeline with Blizzard and all of our partners to make the WCS a success and bring you as much competitive StarCraft content as possible. Unfortunately we made some errors that rippled throughout the weekend.

First, the demand to enter the WCS Qualifier was much higher than we had anticipated which resulted in many excellent players not getting a chance to enter. We featured a 512-player, double elimination, best of three bracket to maximize individual players opportunity for success, however that impacted the scale of the tournament. Additionally, we experienced strains on both our online product and administrative staffing that should have been avoided. Finally, we admittedly made a poor decision to try to hold back some results of the tournament in order to make spoiler-free viewing a possibility. We will not do that again for any online qualifier.

We have immediately opened the final bracket to the public which can be found here.

We have also created a feedback email address specifically for WCS America. Going forward, please email your feedback, suggestions and complaints to WCSAMfeedback@mlg.tv. Our staff and I will monitor every email and aim to incorporate constructive feedback into our future plans.

Again, I want to apologize personally and on behalf of everyone at MLG, to the StarCraft community, the players and to Blizzard for failing to uphold the level of tournament execution we pride ourselves on.

I assure you that we are making every effort to rectify this for all future WCS America operations.



Sundance DiGiovanni
Major League Gaming