Moments ago on the MLG Main Stage, Legendz (Gandhi, Naded, Defy, Best Man) squared off against Antigravity (Eli, GunShot, Tizoxic, Severince) for the right to advance into Losers Bracket Round 5. In the beginning stages of the match, Antigravity got off to a stellar start, taking the first two maps in seemingly easy fashion. However, their momentum was stopped short as Legendz took Game 3 in an attempt to turn the tide in their favor. Once again in Game 4, Legendz successfully pulled out another win to push the series to a dramatic Game 5. The final game of the match took place on Guardian Team Slayer, in which AG went on to win in a down-to-the-wire stalemate.

With the win, Legendz is officially knocked out of the tournament and Antigravity will move on to Winners Bracket Round 5.