MLG Orlando is going to be a veritable smorgasbord of casting talent. On our two Members-only Beta streams, you'll be treated to the work of up-and-coming community casters Adebisi, Nerski, Tumba and Robin; they'll be casting matches from the floor stations and bringing you more of the tournament than ever. Check out a sample of their work! And over on the Red and Blue streams, we've got the all-star lineup of Tasteless, Artosis, Day[9], djWheat and JP McDaniel.

We can now confirm a tenth caster to round out the lineup in Orlando;  Husky will be returning to the Pro Circuit to cast on the Red and Blue streams. We're incredibly happy to have him back! With six casters switching off on the Red and Blue streams, we can ensure that the broadcast will have even less downtime, as teams will be ready to step in whenever one team needs a break. 

MLG Orlando is just four short days away. Check out the Red and Blue stream broadcast schedules below, get yourself a Membership so you can access the two beta streams and watch Red and Blue in ad-free HQ,  and get ready for three days full of more StarCraft 2 action than you can shake a stick at.