Despite the dramatic surprises and turns of events that have marked the onset of the 2007 Boost Mobile Pro Circuit, a look at the Top 8 finishes in both Charlotte and the Meadowlands reveals surprising consistency among the league’s top ranks. Only six different teams have taken home a Top 5 finish in the opening two events. Moreover, only 22 different players have received a Top 5 prize check and one could argue that Legit and Naded simply maintained their top ranks among the Pro Circuit elites. Unsurprisingly, those five squads, Final Boss, Carbon, FBI The Agency, 5K, and Perfect Storm, have opted not to make any roster changes between events.

Carbon and Karma look to be stronger than ever in Dallas

What we can expect to see from each of these top squads is a further perfected level of game play thanks to increased practice and dedication. It has been well advertised that Final Boss scrimmaged with The Agency and 5K prior to each of the last two tournaments and the practice’s impact has been clearly evident in each of their last two performances. During their post-tournament interview at the Meadowlands, when asked what their plans were between then and Dallas, Final Boss simply responded, “Practice. Lots of practice.” The squad’s newfound determination to stand unquestionably above the competition is clear and any team hoping to usurp Final Boss’ reign will need to, at the very least, match the reigning champions’ training efforts.

Looking to do just that are second-seeded Carbon who, despite uncharacteristic performances in Charlotte and the Meadowlands, are hoping to regain the championship form that earned them $100,000 at the 2006 season-finale in Las Vegas. In preparation for Dallas, Carbon will host a training session alongside fellow Pro squads, Legendz and RoC. The bootcamp should prove beneficial to all three rosters, each looking to take their game play a step beyond their respective performances at the Meadowlands.

The Agency and Perfect Storm have each put up strong performances against the league’s two juggernauts. While neither has managed to knock Carbon or Final Boss out of the competition, both will look to proclaim themselves as top-tier squads by landing a spot in Dallas’ Championship Match.

FBI Icon tweaked their lineup for Dallas

The first team change on the charts was made by Nice Like Rice. The squad took sixth place at each of the season’s opening two events and has looked to the aid of two veteran talents to fortify their Top 6 standing. Foulacy and Pyrocy join the ranks of LegendJRG and Ray. While the team has generated much speculation within the community, Foulacy recently offered commentary on the newly founded roster’s chemisty in his blog and, if his word is to be taken as any indication, things look promising for Nice Like Rice. Foulacy has long been a tremendous force on the Pro Circuit and the move should serve as a rejuvenating force for the league veteran. While a Top 4 finish may still stand outside the team’s grasp, expect Nice Like Rice to rapidly improve and become a force at Dallas.

FBI Icon have now fallen just short of the Top 6 on two occasions, settling for seventh place in both Charlotte and the Meadowlands. The team has arguably been victim to the most significant bracket anomalies of each tournament. In Charlotte, Icon faced a recently-defeated and highly-determined Carbon squad in the round of eight. In the same round at the Meadowlands, FBI Icon otherwise would have faced sixth-seeded Nice Like Rice for a Top 6 finish. However, Perfect Storm’s tear through the Championship Bracket from the 22nd seed forced a Losers Bracket Round 5 meeting between FBI Icon and their FBI counterparts, The Agency. In Dallas, FBI Icon will look to the acquisition of Butterz to help propel the squad beyond its two seventh-place finishes.

Str8 Rippin stand as perhaps the most debated roster approaching the 2007 Pro Circuit’s third stop. The team notably slipped to a franchise-low eleventh-place finish at the Meadowlands and looks to rebound with the addition of two youthful talents. Much like 2006, Havok has put on a strong display in this season’s opening two events. The caliber of his performances undoubtedly did not go unnoticed by league superstar, Tsquared. Mimic has long been one of the league’s most underrated forces. While he has yet to achieve his perceived potential, a position on Str8 Rippin may prove to be the ideal place to shine.

The Meadowlands could possibly be the last time Foulacy and Tsquared team together on the Pro Circuit

No roster changes have occurred among the ninth- to 14th-seeded rosters. XiT Woundz, who acquired former teammate Killer N prior to the Meadowlands, hold steady approaching their home-state tournament. The team put up a better performance at the Meadowlands, but suffered an unfortunate first-round draw against Perfect Storm in the Championship Bracket.

14th-seeded Legendz face a career-influencing tournament in Dallas. Each of Legendz’ players has struggled during the opening two events and the team currently stands 15th in the season-long points race. With only the Top 7 teams being awarded automatic invitations to the National Championship Event come regular season’s end, Defy, Vash, Cpt Anarchy and Fonzi must quickly turn their season around. Moreover, the team currently faces a slim, yet realistic, threat of losing pro status should they stumble once more in Dallas.

Lastly, Time 2 Prove have seen the return of one of their namesakes, BigTimer. Falling to 16th place in the Meadowlands, Time 2 Prove will look to climb the ranks once again.

Official Pro Team Rosters and Ranks for MLG Dallas

1. Final Boss – Walshy, OGRE 1, OGRE 2, StrongSide = 9600
2. Carbon – Shockwave, Gandhi, Karma, GH057ayame = 9200
3. FBI The Agency – Mackeo, Victory, Halogod, Elamite = 7400
4. 5k – Hokum, Roy, Lunchbox, Fearitself = 6600
5. Perfect Storm – Ramby, Legit, Naded, Xtrem1st = 5300
6. Nice Like Rice – LegendJRG, Ray, Foulacy, Pyrocy = 4470
7. FBI ICON – Tupac, Slim, TimeliestBrute, Butt3rz = 4850
8. Str8 Rippin – Tsquared, Neighbor, Havok, MimiC = 3510
9. XiT Woundz – Bonfire, Itwasluck, Killer N, Omega = 3200
10. Type Z – Hulk, Infinity, Str8pimp, FosSik = 3190
11. Perfect Balance – Mack, Apex, Beast, Soviet = 3125
12. PainX – Factor, Dynomike, Wonka, Censored = 3000
13. RoC – Dsyphoria, Dfury, Joe, Ownation = 2655
14. LeGendZ - Defy, Vash, Cpt. Anarchy, AYB Fonzi = 2450
15. Time 2 Prove – Overshield, Donut, BigTimer, 8ball = 2995