Late last night, MLG was informed that Startale Bomber, one of the Korean pro players invited as part of the GSL/MLG League Exchange, would not be able to make his flight because of emigration problems he encountered while at the airport in Seoul. We are very sorry that Bomber will not be joining us in Columbus, and we are working to resolve the issue so that he can attend future Pro Circuit Events.

To fill the spot Bomber's absence has created in the roster and the Pools, MLG reached out to a player who we believed would be a spectacular addition to MLG Columbus, and we are very happy to announce that he, and his team, have accepted the offer. Attending in Bomber's place will be none other than oGsMC.

We share your disappointment that Bomber will not be attending, and we are greatly looking forward to his participation in future Pro Circuit Events. At the same time, we could not have asked for a better participant than MC. We'd like to thank him and all of oGs for agreeing to our offer on such short notice. MC will be taking Bomber's spot in Pool C; all schedules on the site will be updated to reflect this before the start of the Tournament on Friday.