Congratulations to AmazYn this weekend, as they are now the Gears of War 2 Champions.

Defeating the extremely skilled vVv Less Than Zero in the Losers Bracket Final, AmazYn stepped up into the muck for yet another very long series against the Columbus Champions MbN The Business. Already in a hole 3-1 in map score, AmazYn pulled out all of the stops as they fought a challenging battle that ended up bringing us to an 11th game. Having come from behind and tying the series at 5-5, AmazYn had one more push in store for MbN The Business as they took over River on Prison’s host. Having Calinorth and Skyllus pull off the best performances of their careers definitely helped as AmazYn proved that they are the number one team in Gears of War 2.

Congratulations to AmazYn as they celebrate their first ever Gears of War 2 Championship, and we’ll see you in Anaheim!