After a titan’s struggle left the East and West tied 2-2 through four games, the teams desperately wanted to put themselves in the pole position after the fifth game. Through the first half of CTF Narrows, the West looked like they might walk to the 3-2 series lead, as they snagged the first two captures. At that point the Ogres decided to unleash the serpents of death from their dens, in the form of each and every bullet from their guns. Ogre 1 dominated the bottom half of the level, establishing excellent control that allowed the East to push three straight flags to the scoring spot. With a 3-2 game victory, the East found themselves one game from victory in the Halo 3 portion of the All Start Classic.

Game 6 went down on The Pit with more Capture the Flag drama. The game was largely uneventful, as both teams showed their relative lack of chemistry that seems natural for an Al Star game. In the end, Snipedown, Neighbor, Walshy, and FearItself were able to hop on the fast steed of glorious victory. They outlasted Tsquared, Elamite, Gandhi, and Pistola by the score of 50-43. Just like that, the Halo series stood tied at three games apiece.

The final game would settle the Halo portion and the players shifted to Amplified for Team Slayer to solve it. The East assembled Ogre 1, Ogre 2, Pistola, and Elamite for their final push, while the West went with Hysteria, Neighbor, Roy, and FearItself. The West seemed to constantly awake from a nightmare with Battle Rifle fire drenching their bodies, as the East put constant pressure on their opponents. The East used this pressure to establish a sizable lead, but the West clawed back into the game point by point. The East were simply too strong, however. Their positioning was sterling and their aim was splendid. They ended Game 7 with a 50-40 win. The victory gave them a 4-3 lead in the Halo 3 part of the All Star Classic. Though they only won by one game, the East certainly did their part for their half of the country in the larger competition.