After splitting the first two games during the All-Star Classic, Halo 3 players from the East and West looked to establish momentum for their respective half of the country in Game 3, which moved the action to Construct Team Slayer. The West, featuring Roy, Soviet, Karma, and Hysteria garnered double-digit leads two times, but saw the gap between themselves and the East, comprised of Legit, Elamite, Strongside, and Ogre 2, narrow both times. A strong push at the end from every member of the team, however, propelled the West to a 50-43 win, giving them the 2-1 edge in the Halo 3 sector of the competition.

The East needed a strong opening on Game 4′s CTF battle at Onslaught and they got exactly that, scoring in the first 30 seconds. Legit, Strongside, Pistola, and Elamite extended that 1-0 lead to 4-1 before Snipedown, Walshy, Soviet, and Karma battled back into the game. At 4-3 in favor of the East, the win seemed to be available for either squad, but it was Strongside who drove the late action for the East, directing them to the final score, ending the game 5-3. Up and down, the East and West Halo 3 players ride the seasaw of momentum in the All Star Classic. The teams both search to establish the first two-game streak of the competition, tied 2-2.