The Halo 3 portion of the All Star Classic could not have started with more talent-laden rosters. Ogre 1, Ogre 2, Tsquared, and Legit suited up for the East to take on Neighbor, Snipedown, Roy, and Hysteria for the West. In Game 1, CTF on The Pit, the East came out quickly, but could not convert their momentum into a capture. The West then seized control and scored twice in a row. The East never really stabilized and could only trade captures with the West. A 3-1 win gave the West Halo’s first victory.

The coaches for each team shuffled rosters for Game 2, Team Slayer Narrows. Somewhat surprisingly, the last player voted onto the East squad, Gandhi, drove the action throughout the entire game. He led the East in kills and kill-to-death spread, powering the East to a 50-35 win. In the Halo series, the two sides are now even at a win apiece.