After finishing in the Top 16 at the past two events, Acid and the rest of Renegade (Wooooly, Asssault, Tricks) will look to claw their way up into the Top 12 at Toronto. Toronto is the last regular season event, so Renegade will need to pick up as many points as they can to improve upon their seed at the playoffs.

Here are Acid’s predictions for Toronto:

Acid(second from left) picks Str8 Rippin to take their second event of the year.

1. Str8 Rippin- Neighbor leaving the team may actually play out in Str8′s favor. They added Snipedown, who is improving every event, and only looks to get better. They are also holding a LAN with Breaking Point before the event, which will give them a great chance to quickly build chemistry with Snipedown. I think they have the greatest desire to win this tournament.

2. Final Boss- The addition of Neighbor will help this team, but I think it will take more than one event to build the chemistry that they had teaming with Walshy over the years. They have the talent to win this event, but the lack of success the past two events will hold them back.

3. Triggers Down- I think the recent team changes have hurt TD the most. They have been looking for the 4th that would put them over the hump to win an event. They found him in Snipedown, but because he left, they were forced to search again. They picked up Mackeo, which is a safe pick up. He is an amazing player and will definitely give them a chance to win Toronto.

4. Classic- The pickup of Victory to replace Naded will help this team tremendously. Naded’s play style didn’t really fit in with the team, and it showed at Orlando as they went on to get 9th place. Victory has placed well at each event this season, even though he has changed teams for each one. They have been lacking practice since Orlando but the LAN with TD will help out greatly.

5. Instinct-I think this team has a lot of potential, but only two of the players have teamed together for previous events. Unlike the teams above them, they only have a core of two players. I think this will hurt them in the end, but Walshy’s leadership and the great amount of individual skill on the team could help them place better.

6. Ambush- They were a surprise in Orlando as they went on to place 4th. They are capable of upsetting any team, as they knocked Str8 Rippin into losers at Orlando, and they beat Final Boss in San Diego. Everyone on this team has improved as the events have gone by and I see them placing 6th this event.

7. Carbon- They are hard to predict. They were the only Top 8 team to not make a roster change, and it could work out well for them. It seems as they are lacking the practice that some of the other teams are getting, and I think it will show at Toronto. I will be surprised if they place in the Top 6.

8. AntiGravity- This is a great group of players but I don’t see Severince and Tizoxic breaking the streak of three 8th place’s in a row.

Surprise Team: Breaking Point- This team is an awesome group of players. They are having a LAN with Str8 which could help them out a lot. 6th place is a good possibility for this team.