As we gear up for our 2005 season I wanted to take a minute to say thanks to everyone who made 2004 possible. Without the help of an amazing staff and the dedication of players from across the globe we would have just ended up lugging a bunch of TVs around. Back on topic- Season 2 promises to be even more off the chain than season 1 was. Some of the highlights include guaranteed prizes for every event totaling up to a quarter of a million dollars in cold hard cash, long lead time to facilitate booking flights and rooms, new games, an improved registration system and a completely revamped website.

In a word season 2 is going to be bamazing. In the coming weeks, the event calendar on this site will be filled with every venue and hotel for the 2005 tour. That means no more indecision about your trip until the last second. The 2004 season was a reckless week to week chaotic symphony that we luckily pulled off. This season, we have actually planned everything ahead of time (imagine that), and fairly confident that Sepso can’t screw anything up. In closing, I would like to invite everyone to our Kick Off tournament in Washington DC on January 29th and 30th. This tournament will be a normal major, but as a welcome back gesture to everyone, we’re doubling the prize money! This will be a good event for everyone to come and start the season on the right foot (and get the in person rank point and invite explanation from Anakin). Once again, on behalf of MLG, thank you, and we hope to see you in 2005.


P.S. Venue information for DC on Tuesday ;)