Success in the Pro Circuit Online Ladder almost meant nothing to ninth-seeded Crossfire, as they fell behind in their Round 2 series with Fierce and barely pulled off the comeback. In Game 1 Fierce solidly ousted the Top 10 squad 50-37 on Construct Team Slayer.

Down late on The Pit King of the Hill, Crossfire amassed half a minute in the hill to draw even and pull ahead in the waning seconds. The 250-225 win forced a pivotal Game 3, Narrows Team Slayer. Fierce did not back down, remaining even with the higher seed the entire game and even taking a late two-kill lead at 48-46. They could not seal the win, however, as Crossfire came up clutch in the final stage of the game, garnering four of the final five kills and a 50-49 win. That victory allowed them to advance into Round 3.