What could follow a thrilling five-game series between XiT Woundz and Str8 Rippin on the main stage? Of course only another five-gamer would do. 5k and Perfect Storm met in the Winners Bracket Quarterfinals, both looking to take the giant step into the final four of the Winners Bracket. As the match began, it looked like it might be anything but five games.

5k met Perfect Storm on the main stage

CTF Warlock opened the action and, though 5k could not snag enough captures to end the game before the time limit, they managed to control most of the game. 5k defeated Perfect Storm 4-2 and took a 1-0 series lead. Perhaps an upset to many fans, 5k were off and running.

Game 2 featured Lockout Team Slayer. The opening sequence landed 5k with access to the sniper rifle and lent them a five-kill lead. Perfect Storm slowly chipped away at the lead and as the scores hit the 20s, the teams were virtually deadlocked. This closeness lasted for the rest of the game. Near the completion of the game, Fearitself procured the last sniper rifle and 5k retreated to BR Tower. The positioning and the sniper were enough, as 5k pulled out a 50-48 win. Lunchbox led the way with 19 kills to just 14 deaths. 5k now led the series 2-0 and looked to sweep.

Midship Oddball served as a must win for Perfect Storm in Game 3. They roared from the gate, gunning for that win. PS took a 1:11-:24 lead and maintained that distance for the majority of the game. Halfway through, 5k started to erase the lead, little by little. As the game entered crunch time, 5k had narrowed the game to three seconds at 3:23-3:20. They then tied the game at 4:06 before Perfect Storm grabbed the last 20 seconds of control and won the game 4:15-4:06. The series lead was down to 2-1.

Perfect Storm met their match in 5k

Game 4 was CTF Midship and yet another must win for Perfect Storm. Again they started fiercely, taking the lead 30 seconds into the game. A minute and a half later, 5k evened the score. In the next two minutes, Perfect Storm nabbed another two scores, snagging a 3-1 lead. The teams then traded captures, leaving the tally at 4-2. Perfect Storm seemed ready to send the match to a fifth game, but 5k rallied to score twice, tying the game at four. Undeterred, Perfect Storm pressured the 5k base relentlessly. Just a minute after 5k’s last score, PS ended the game 5-4. The win sent the series to a deciding fifth game.

The winner would be decided at Sanctuary via Team Slayer. The early game was fairly even, but 5k emerged the beginning stages with a four-kill lead. More importantly, they controlled the top ring and a sniper rifle, which allowed them to extend the lead to eight over the middle portion of the game. The teams went nearly kill for kill over the bulk of the remaining time, with 5k taking leads of 28-20, 33-26, and 38-30. Running out of time, Perfect Storm had to press despite not having an advantage in positioning or weaponry. The result was a runaway for 5k, who closed out the match at 50-36. Lunchbox led the way with 18 kills and 10 deaths. With the win, 5k took the series and moved into the Semifinals of the Winners Bracket.

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