The 2008 Season was stellar on all fronts. It was filled to the brim with more action, excitement, drama, anxiety, and speculation than perhaps any previous season. Now that it’s in the books, we set out to get the pro player perspective of the experience. Heinz from Ambush and FearItSelf from Triggers Down pulled up a chair to discuss some of their highs and lows throughout 2008.

Name you most memorable moment from the 2008 Season:

My most memorable moment was at MLG Orlando. It was Winners Bracket
Round 3, and we were in Game 5 Pit TS vs. Str8 Rippin. All the other
series’ were done so everyone was watching us. We ended up coming back
from 37-47 to win the game 50-48. I just remember going nuts and my
coach Bullzeye jumping at least two feet in the air. Definitely the most
fun moment of the season.

What was the best play from any player of the 2008 Season?

The best play of the 2008 season had to be Shockwave at Vegas,
Narrows Flag vs. Str8 Rippin. He had snipe at his power up and Str8 was
running the flag in, when Wave sniped the first guy. Then he had to
reload while T2 was going to grab it, and right after he reloaded he
clicked the button and it was a no-scope head shot on T2. Ridiculous.

Name your biggest heartbreak from the 2008 Season:

My biggest heartbreak was getting 7th at Las Vegas. The worst part is
coming into the tournament knowing we weren’t prepared, and kind of
having the sense of failure. I feel like if we practiced we could have at
least put up a fight, but we got dominated.

What are you looking forward to in 2009?

I am most looking forward to my new team in 2009. It consists of
myself, Mackeo, Victory X and StrongSide. I am very confident in this
team and I know we are dedicated to practicing and LANing, which will
definitely help our chances of winning.

If you could change one thing about the 2008 Season, what would it be?

If I could change one thing about the 2008 season, it would be going to
a LAN the week before Vegas. I really feel like if we had practiced
against a good team before Vegas, not just the MLG Playlist, we
could’ve done a lot better. Our team was not a 7th place team, even
though we played like one at Vegas.


Name your most memorable moment from the 2008 Season:

The most memorable moment from this season hands down was the comeback that Ambush had on Str8 Rippin in Game 5. Anytime a team comes back from a 47-37 deficit and wins is unbelievable. But to do it against a top tier team in a game that decides the match – RIDICULOUS!!!

What was the biggest surprise of the 2008 Season?

The biggest surprise of the 2008 season would have to be Final Boss breaking up. To see the “Halo Dynasty” and the team you have looked up to for years break up. You can’t prepare yourself for that.

What was the team change that had the biggest impact on the 2008 Season?

The biggest team change had to be Walshy and Final Boss breaking up. It had a domino effect
that created the new instinct and the new Str8 Rippin.

Describe your best play of the 2008 Season:

My best play this season was against Final Boss on Construct King. I was closed street with the sniper. I blain Strongside at rockets. Snipe Neighbor main ramp for a double kill. I start to reload and am being shot by Ogre 1 at the same time right next to me in closed purple. I jump turn around and quick reload no scope him for a triple kill.