The 2008 All-Star Classic has come to an end here in Vegas, and for the third consecutive year, the East Coast has come out on top. Taking the overall series 12-9, this was the closest All-Star Classic in its three year history. Congratulations to all of the Eastern All-Stars, as well as the MVP’s of each game. Based on their individual performances, Pistola (Halo 3), JWHOJCA5H (RSV2), and Co-MVP’s, KILLA and PREDATOR (GoW).

Halo 3:

MVP: Pistola

The punditry predicted the West would control the Halo 3 portion of the All Star Classic and, after one game, they looked to fulfill those prophecies. The East quickly countered, however, and the series turned into a back-and-forth affair. Neither team could string together multiple wins, which meant neither team took the reigns and rode to victory. Following the pattern would mean the West would win 4-3, so the East looked to break the trend.

Game 5 was the turning point. The East produced a clutch come-from-behind win in CTF Narrows that gave them the first two-game streak in the series. Up 3-2, they only needed to split the final two games to take the overall series. The West managed to pull even, but could not generate their own two-game winning streak. The East relatively cruised in the final game and took the Halo 3 series 4-3. The West played well, but could not make seers out of the many pregame prognosticators.

Rainbow Six Vegas 2


In the Rainbow Six Vegas 2 portion of the 2008 All Star Classic, it was the East who put on a dominating performance throughout the series entirety. Their roster combination proved to be too much for the West to handle on nearly every map of the series. In addition, the carefully orchestrated coaching of Clipse seemed to be the icing on their ever-satisfying victory. After examining the statistics, it would be hard for anyone to argue the importance of this team’s role in the East’s overall victory in the competition. The final tally of the series was 5-2 in favor of the East.

Gears of War


Maps were heavily contested throughout the Gears of War portion of the All-Star Classic, with both the East and the West Coast fighting hard for position. Looking like the Ogre’s of Gears of War, Killa and Predator were able to represent TH3 NSAN3Z as well as the West coast as they dominated the competition as often as possible. Heading into the final map of competition, the end was near for the East coast as they fell one man down in a 3-3 tie.

CrReam stood with his trusty sniper in his hammerburst tower as the West gathered boom shot ammo throughout the round. Leaving only seconds on the clock, the West was able to flush out CrReam just long enough to have him down for the count thanks to a well-placed boom shot. The West found themselves celebrating as they became the All-Star Classic winners on behalf of Gears of War.

Perhaps a morale boost for TH3 NSAN3Z this, both Killa and Predator will be holding MVP titles for the Gears of War All-Star Classic. Only time will tell as competition begins tomorrow morning here in Las Vegas.