MLG 2006 Pro Circuit – Episode 1, The Meadowlands

Held at the Meadowlands in New Jersey, the first event of the 2006 season kicked off with high expectations all around. The famous Final Boss (consisting of Ogre 1, Ogre 2, Walshy and Saiyan) returned to the MLG stage as the champions of the previous two seasons. In fact, since this dominant unit formed back in 2004, they have lost only a single tournament. Their uncanny awareness of each other leads to top-notch teamwork and their mastery of the game is considered to be completely unrivaled–even by their Pro Circuit opponents. They continued their dominance of the game in the Meadowlands with another tournament victory by sweeping Str8 Rippin.

The second ranked Str8 Rippin is led by one of MLG’s biggest superstars, Tsquared. The talent and dedication of his teammates Fonzi, Foulacy and Defy seem to perfectly compliment Tsquared’s veteran leadership, and despite being swept by Final Boss in the championship match, this team is one of the most feared in the Halo 2 world. Their consistent play and hard work has propelled them to the top of the pro circuit, where they hope to eventually topple Final Boss and take home a first place victory.

Episode 1 Featured Players

Team Carbon has been making waves since they surprised the gaming world with a 2nd place finish at the 2005 National Championships, including a major upset over rivals Str8 Rippin. Carbon consists of Shockwav3, Karma, Gandhi and StrongSide, who all happen to be high school students. While this foursome is phenomenally talented and brashly confident, they currently lack the discipline necessary to defeat Final Boss or Str8 Rippin. And while their ability to rush defenses and play at a lightning quick pace overwhelms most opponents, they were unable to defeat Str8 Rippin in the Meadowlands and settled for third place after a 0-6 thrashing.

Can Carbon overcome their flaws and defeat Str8 Rippin to advance to the championship match? Could one of these teams topple the juggernauts of the Halo world, Final Boss? Find out next time when MLG heads to Dallas, TX for the second stop of the Boost Mobile MLG 2006 Pro Circuit.

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Player Quotes

“I think Str8 Rippin played really well with Defy on their team. We were expecting to see Carbon in the Finals, and we didn’t expect to see Str8 beating Carbon 6-0. Defy seemed to help their team a lot.” – Ogre2

“Well to be honest, I’m kind of disappointed with my team’s performance. We could have done a lot better, especially versus Str8; but instead we got 6-0′d. So when we get back home, we’re going to need to work on a lot of our weaknesses and be extremely ready for Dallas.” – Gandhi

“Attending the first event this season was great because it’s good to be back from the off season. We’re looking to do really well this season and have a lot of fun.” – StrongSide

“Sweeping Carbon was a great accomplishment, but I’m disappointed by our loss to Final Boss. I think next event we’ll have a improved showing against them. We’ll be ready for them.” – Foulacy