Place Team Player 1 Player 2
1st Morning Twig1 Strangepurple Laughfer
2nd The Chargers1 Tupac KillerN
3rd Baltimore Blowfish1 Red_Alert Brese
3rd Loyal Penguins1 ELeVeN Scythe
5th No Age Limit1 A 3 xcjrex
5th F’ing Rape1 JMB Ghost
5th Morning Twig2 PrAy4U Quinn
5th iGameSpot1 Hug0 McGavin
9th iGameSpot2 Slim Tsquared
9th VaB1 D3V1LM4N *Gh(0)sT*
9th The Chargers2 Saiyan Toxin
9th We Killed Jesus1 Canada Rippon
9th APS1 Gunsblazing Silkstalker
9th APS2 Ogre 3 Jownz
9th Giant Stingers1 Grasshopper Se7en-VII
9th Baltimore Blowfish2 drpoon Smash
17th F’ing Rape2 50 Eazy
17th Ot3.1 G-UNIT Wazzup780
17th We killed Jesus2 Sleeper Nataku
17th Giant Stingers2 Maven Vash