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MLG is one of the fastest growing digital networks worldwide, the most recognized brand in eSports and pioneer of the competitive gaming industry.



MLG’s mission is to promote eSports globally through premier competition and to deliver premium gaming content to viewers anytime, anywhere through our global streaming platform -   MLG.TV: is the free to watch, ad-supported, premium video streaming platform built to showcase eSports, the fastest growing sport in the world. is one of the fastest growing digital networks worldwide with viewers tuning in for up to 3 hours during event weekends. provides its growing, global audience with instant access to the best in competitive gaming 24/7 including:
  • MLG’s premier competitions: As the longest-running league in North America, MLG is the gold standard in eSports competition featuring the best gamers in the world. broadcasts its own large-scale Championship events, competition from the Columbus Arena, online competition like MLG’s Pro League, flagship events like the MLG X Games Invitational and more.
  • The Leading Players, Teams and Leagues: More than 180 of the best players, teams and leagues from around the globe have dedicated streaming channels including Gfinity (UK), ACL Pro (Australia), UMG (US), Call of Duty Pros like Nadeshot and Scumpi, teams like OpTic Gaming, MMA fighter Scott Jorgensen, You Tube stars and others.
  • Aspiring players: often features up and comers competing on Gamebattles, the largest cross platform online gaming tournament system with 9 million registered users and more than 40 titles where gamers of all skill levels can login, compete, and begin accruing MLG Pro Points.
  MLG’s PRO POINTS AND GAMEBATTLES: The MLG Pro Points Ranking System has become the benchmark for determining the best competitive players worldwide.  Gamers participating in MLG Pro Circuit events, online competition at MLG’s Gamebattles, the largest cross platform online gaming tournament system with 10 million registered users, and at partner events like Gfinity (UK) and ACL Pro (Australia) earn MLG Pro Points defining how they stack up against the competition.  MLG’s Pro Points system can easily be integrated into games and web sites and is used by the top game developers and publishers. The platform features more than 40 titles and gamers of all skill levels can login, compete, and begin accruing points. Since its inception, MLG has held 66 large-scale in person competitions.   MLG.TV DISTRIBUTION: The programming line-up is available via, apps for iOS and Android and MLG apps for Xbox One and Xbox 360.   MLG.TV VIEWING EXPERIENCE: MLG is dedicated to providing the best viewing experience.
  • enables viewers to watch whenever, wherever they want in 1080p HD.
  • Chat: the all-new Chat was built from the ground up and designed to elevate the chat experience. The new chat enables viewers to interact with personalities on a new level and allows users to chat with their MLG account usernames, introduces new moderation tools to content producers, and includes emoticons and faster updating speeds.
  • Free Viewing: is free to watch through MLGs ad-supported model and video is available for unlimited streaming and immediate access to replays.
  ADVERTISING: Each month MLG reaches 20mm highly-engaged fans across the network through web, mobile, connected TVs, gaming consoles and social media channels making it the definitive property for advertisers to reach young men.
  • launched with a private, real time ad exchange built into the platform and averages over 90% fill rate on all ad inventory in the US. The scale of the platform allows the company to share a significant portion of revenue with content partners.
  • outperforms the industry on every major ad metric for digital video advertising:
    • Completion rate: 90% vs 72%
    • Click through rate: 4% vs 2%
    • Ad viewability: 99% vs 44%
  MLG.TV STREAMING PARTNERS: MLG's premium streaming partners benefit from the following:

Stream Quality, Tech Stability and Features

    • Standard 1080p HD streams.
    • MLG tech support 24/7.
    • The best engineers constantly improving the experience for both streamers and viewers – new features will be rolled out regularly.
    • Music: streamers and those in MLG’s You Tube MCN now have unlimited access to Monstercat’s entire music library to use on their streams or their YouTube videos.  Monstercat has set the standard in electronic dance music and this will enable streamers to elevate their content without worrying about securing licensing and copyrights for music played on stream.

Maximize Earning Via Advertising Revenue

    • MLG has a dedicated, multi-region direct Ad sales team which results in high fill rates.
    • Programmatic Auction House –live bidding to maximize ad revenue.
    • Ad Block Detection
    • Analytics – provides data to help determine the best times to stream, when to serve ads and more.

YouTube MCN, Global Reach Beyond the MLG Network

    • MLG is an official YouTube MCN.  What does that mean for streamers?
      • More efficient monetization of content, especially in the United States.
      • Protection and enforcement of your rights to your content.
  INTERNATIONAL EXPANSION: MLG’s global reach goes beyond video viewership. MLG is building the first ever MLG Stadium in China where eSports competition will happen daily to be broadcast via and has an international franchise – MLG Brasil.   FOR MORE INFORMATION: